In the world of IT a few years is a very, very long time.

In August 2018 this website was completely revamped, all out of date IT related information was purged.

November 2020, starting the second Covid lockdown feels like a useful time to start again.

I work part time with a very large infant school – home learning and 365 roll out are very high priorities at the moment

Home Learning – enter the Raspberry Pi 400.

A tweet by Rory Cellan-Jones alerted me to the potential of the Pi 400 for home learning, so I dived in. Fortunately I had a few bits at home, as this video shows!

At a Computing at Schools meeting some years ago we were entertained by Alan O’Donohoe (@teknoteacher on Twitter), as he compared the Raspberry Pi to ‘Stone Soup’.
Here’s a wikipedia article covering the same fable.