Apple iPads have made a dramatic difference to many schools. In addition many business professionals (including myself) use them on a day to day basis.

In March 2017 a local primary school asked about apps. It was a question like “Describe noise”.

Over the last 5 years there have been many posts and pages added to this site on some specific iPad apps. In addition, over the life of an iPhone3, iPhone4s, Iphone SE, two iPads and a Mac I’ve collected many apps. Some apps I’ve used to show to teachers and staff, many apps are those that I use myself.

In the video below specific business apps have been blurred, extremely useful apps have been highlighted and a few notes have been added.

One app always worth considering on any iPad is Microsoft Excel.
The reason is that if you are provided with spreadsheets which include dates and times, these tend to show up wrongly in iPads.

There’s also a few ‘themes’ as you browse through here, I tried a number of free and paid apps that claimed to create PDF files wonderfully, I stopped trying. There are also a lot of apps not yet downloaded to this device, it may stay that way and I’ll try to work out the essential few rather than the trivial many.

In business, besides the apps I have scrubbed out, I tend to flit between Office 365 and Google Gsuite. Very little of any of my data is stored in Apple’s cloud servers.

The menu on this page will also introduce some of these apps in use.

ipadapp overview from mike mcsharry on Vimeo.