Coder – the killer app for Raspberry Pi?

Teaching coding with Raspberry Pis

For every technology there seems to be a killer app linked to it. Sometimes users find massive benefits with one particular tool within a system.
The killer app for the internet is probably still e-mail (just?)
For many the ‘killer app’ in Word is the massive flexibility introduced by tables.

One of the problems we’ve seen so far with Raspberry Pis is the “So what?” attitude. Yes, they are low cost but do the benefits really outweigh the efforts?
Raspberry Pi has been likened to stone soup.

Perhaps Coder is the ‘Killer App’ as it answers a few problems we’ve come across, such as –

We’d like to use Pis but can’t justify the expense of hdmi converters or buying new TVs.

Every time we try to do some website design training we have problems with our school internet filters

We’d like to try web site design but our internet connection is really struggling anyway

We only have one domain name, how can we teach web design without risking our web site

How can we quickly show childrens’ coding work on the big telly in reception?

We can’t justify buying extra web space just for website design

We’d like to teach coding fairly soon but cost, but our infrastructure, but our server..

Coder seems to answer these questions and possibly adds many other benefits we haven’t spotted yet.

The discussions in the Raspberry Pi forum about coder show some terrific ideas and how multiple pupils can use coder at any time. The write up is on this page.

Click on the this link to see how to get started with coder.