How to archive a blog

A local primary school has blogs for each of their classes. They used these last academic year, and want to carry on this year. However, the blogs need to be “as new” so that this year’s classes aren’t seeing last year’s posts – but last year’s content still needs to be accessible.

Every option I could think of seemed to have its flaws:

  • create new blogs for this year – they would need new domain names, and the ones currently in use are easy to remember
  • create new blogs for last year’s work and export all the old content to them – a lot of the photos were uploaded as galleries, which don’t import to other blogs
  • leave the blogs as they are and just continue uploading content this year – easiest option, but maybe a bit confusing to read, especially for children


But then, after a bit of hunting, I found a plugin to do just what I need – Front Page Exclude By Date. This does exactly what it says on the tin – you set a date, and all posts before that date will not appear on your front (or blog) page – but will still exist in your archives. Perfect. Here’s how to do it:


Install and activate the Front Page Exclude By Date plugin.

On your dashboard, under Settings, you will see Front Page Exclude By Date – click on this.









You’ll simply need to enter the date and click Save Changes. Now, all posts created before the date you entered will be hidden from the front page, but will still be available in your archives.