stile near cropston reservoir

Stay Healthy. Keep Safe.

A country run with empty areas – make sure you have your phone.

A VERY steep road down to the reservoir.

This route runs through some very shaded areas, these present a particular hazard. Here is a picture taken on the route a few days after the race.

woodhouse leicestershire

The country code tells you to walk / run on the outside of the bend. Exactly where the dark car has made its line. Look ahead you can see a red car (mine) in a shaft of sunlight. I parked there deliberately in the sun so oncoming motorists had a chance to see it.

My car was left in the same place, but I changed where I took the picture from.

my car clear visibility

Now, assuming you are running where my car is and the oncoming driver is wearing non polarising sunglasses. That would be quite a few of them.

just my car editted

These pictures suggest that if ou’re running on these roads, something brighter than bright red is probably a good idea.

there ae footpaths from the Woodhouse Eaves junction to the end of Swithland Reservoir. These are worth using.



Loos / water. All car parks

Rubbish bins. All car parks

swithland 6 run profile

The run

part of run

Variations on the route


My diary

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