Croft Hills 3 Mile Run

croft quarry

View in to croft quarry

A short, sharp shock! A 3 mile run based on the Ted Toft Croft Hills Race held by the Bowline Climbing Club




Stay Healthy. Keep Safe.

Specific issues on this run – these hills are extremely steep and are very difficult to run down when wet.

Sometime cattle graze on Croft Hill itself

There are many places where rocks and tree roots may catch you out. Be vigilant.

tree root croft hill

The ‘down Croft Hill’ part of this run is incredibly steep. For the picture below I used the built in ‘horizon check’ on my camera to try to give a true view. It really is this steep.



NOTE – route map and profile to follow .. GPS did not like this one!!

bradgate 5 mile run route
bradgate park run profile

This is one of toughest short runs in the area. This route takes in Croft Hill and the adjacent man made mound, created from the quarry waste.

On a clear day, stunning views across Leicestershire await you.

View f

croft run

This run is pretty much one hit and can’t easily be broken down into sections.

Park near the Heathcote Arms and walk on the pavement past the church to the Aggregates Industries entrance.

aggregates industries croft

Go straight up alongside the left side of the car park to the metal gateway

croft short run (3)


Go through the wooden gateway and join the track through the trees. The main Croft – Huncote Road is on your left behind the wall.

croft short run (4)

Stay on the path until it joins the road / footpath near the dog bin.croft short run (5)


Run down the footpath, to the gateway on your rightcroft short run (6)

At this gateway are the ‘first steps’ to the picnic tables – see alternative routes below

croft short run (7)

Join the path through the woods to the second steps.

croft short run (8)

These are the second steps (see alternative routes).  If the path is dry (or you are okay with very wet feet) keep on the path across

croft short run (9)

Two sets of duckboards, through the reed beds and boggy parts!

croft short run (10) croft short run (11)

Continue along the path to the third steps. Go up these towards the fence at the top

croft short run (12)

Turn right, and run along the path with the fence to your left.

croft short run (13)

On a clear day, it’s worth a breather at these rocks as the view across the county is stunning. This was not a clear day.

View f

Keep along the path, beware of the camber, especially when wet.

croft short run (15)

There’s plenty to take in on this run.

croft short run (16)


The path opens out to the picnic tables and information sign. .

croft short run (17)

Stay to the left here, keeping the quarry fence on your left. Beware of low hanging branches.

croft short run (18)

The path veers into the woods. Follow the path, take care with low branches AND tree roots.

croft short run (19)

You’ll come to a group of stiles.

croft short run (21)

Take the left most stile and turn left,

croft short run (22)

UP the hill, through the gap in the trees to

croft short run (23)

.. the Trig point, then

croft short run (24)

.. straight down the hill, and head slightly left to

croft short run (25)

.. the metal gateway. Go through the gateway, turn right..

croft metal gate


Down the path to the bottom.

croft short run (28)

At the bottom of this steep path, turn left and rejoin the path back towards Aggregate Industries car park.


Variations on the route

The path through the nature reserve is between the bottom of the man made hill (spoil heap) and the man made lake, so can get very wet. The duckboards take you above the worst of it.

If, when you reach the first duckboards you see a puddle, this tiny,

croft nature reserver

Then it’s a fairly safe assumption that the puddle on the other side of the duckboards is THIS tiny

croft hill nature reserve puddles

This puddle was ankle deep for most of its length.



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