Bradgate 4.5 Mile Mixed


bradgate 4.5 mile (9) (Medium)

Stile outside Bradgate Park

Stay Healthy. Keep Safe.

This has been a regular run for over 5 years and the part of the route to be wary of is quite surprising.
The rough roadway down into Cropston village is shaded and damp, it ices up before anything else.

This is a mixed run and you can normally get away with ordinary trainers. Don’t expect to come back too clean!

There are some extremely steep parts to this run and some very rutted / uneven surfaces. Proceed with caution!

Beware of ticks – there are warnings.

bradgate 4.5 mile (18)

Details of tick infections etc., can be found on this UK Govenment website

Also, be cautious of deer, they can merge easily with the long grass.

Also, expect a few spectators when you are on the section outside the park

bradgate 4.5 mile (8) (Medium)



Loos / water. All car parks

The water in the loos at the top car park Hunts Hill is not drinking water
bradgate park sign

Rubbish bins. All car parks

bradgate 5 mile run route
bradgate park run profile
bradgate park run profile

The run can be broken down into  2 sections, out and back!

The sketch map (above) shows that the toughest part comes after Hallgates (Cropston) car park.

The profile maps (above) are from maplorer and are the feed from my Tom Tom

Newton Linford to Cropston

You may need some car parking money. The route is easiest if you start and finish at one of the car parks. On road parking is available, but very limited.

bradgate 4.5 mile (1) (Medium)

Assuming that you’ve started your run at Newton Linford, enter by the gates, or the wooden gate to the righ and run along the path.

bradgate 4.5 mile (2) (Medium)

You’ll pass the stream and the holding ponds on your right. You’ll then spot the plaque to the Charles Bennion on your right.

bradgate 4.5 mile (3) (Medium)

Shortly after that, look out for a small stone walled bridge on your right. Cross the bridge,

bradgate 4.5 mile (4) (Medium)

Then look out for the tracks marked that are often mown through the grass. Take the left one of these.

If there has been any decent rain, this is your first chance to really soak your feet and socks.

bradgate 4.5 mile (5) (Medium)

Go through the wooden gates.
Note, you are now leaving the park and will be entering farmland. Please stick to the footpaths.

bradgate 4.5 mile (6) (Medium)

Beware of the cattle!

bradgate 4.5 mile (7) (Medium)

Look out for the stile, cross it and turn left

bradgate 4.5 mile (9) (Medium)

Run up the track at the side of the field. This one can get pretty slimy, so watch your footing.

bradgate 4.5 mile (10) (Medium)

At the top of the track, go through the gateway and bear right on the path.

bradgate 4.5 mile (11) (Medium)

In winter, this view is stunning, when the grass is much shorter. You’re looking across Cropston Reservoir to the Deerbarn and the Boathouse

bradgate 4.5 mile (12) (Medium)

Keep straight on this track and drop down into Cropston. Beware – this bit of the track tends to ice up before anywhere else

bradgate 4.5 mile (13) (Medium)

Into Cropston, turn left at the thatched cottage on the cross roads.

bradgate 4.5 mile (14) (Medium)

Run on the pavement alongside the reservoir until you reach Hallgates car park

bradgate 4.5 mile (15) (Medium)

Come back in to the park and you’re ready for..

bradgate 4.5 mile (16) (Medium)

Cropston to Newton Linford

Hallgate to Newton Linford

Turn left into the car park, then enter the park through the gates or the wooden gate to the left

bradgate 4.5 mile (17) (Medium)

Turn immediate right, on to the grass path and follow the stream, which will be on your right.
Run through the gap in the wall ahead of you bradgate 4.5 mile (22) (Medium)

Look for the path that veers off to the right, follow the path to run alongside the wall.

bradgate 4.5 mile (23) (Medium)

You’ll come to a bench at the top of (this part) of the hill. It’s worth taking a glance back at this point for a stunning view across Cropston Reservoir.

bradgate 4.5 mile (24) (Medium)

You’ll then run a long a short tarmac path which is alongside an underground reservoir. There are often deer around this art of the park.

The next part of the run is normally the wettest, as you climb up towards Hunts Hill Car Park

bradgate 4.5 mile (25) (Medium)

Even on a dry day, there’s a spot of water underfoot

bradgate 4.5 mile (26) (Medium)

When you reach the car park gate, stay left and run up one of the paths to the monument. This path starts reasonably gently, then

bradgate 4.5 mile (28) (Medium)

Gets much steeper near the top.

bradgate 4.5 mile (29) (Medium)

The monument is a war memorial and there are services held here at different parts of the year. Please respect any servicesa nd make a wider berth, or join in. The two minute silence on Remeberance Sunday is quite moving. To be in a place with such a beautiful view,..

bradgate 4.5 mile (30) (Medium)

On a crisp, clear day you really can see for mile and miles. The view isn’t too bad even on a dull (brilliant for running) day.

bradgate 4.5 mile (32) (Medium)

You are heading pretty much straight across the monumet, aim for the edge of the rocks, to the left of the bench in the picture below.

Caution – this is very, very steep and is treacherous when wet.

bradgate 4.5 mile (33) (Medium)

Looking back up to the monumnet gives a vague idea of how steep it is!

bradgate 4.5 mile (34) (Medium)

As you come down the hill, the track veers to the right between trees.

bradgate 4.5 mile (35) (Medium)

When you reach this tree, bear right on the bridle path. Beware, this is very rutted.

bradgate 4.5 mile (36) (Medium)

After a few hundred yards there is a gatway in the wall, turn left here and carry on down the path to the gates.

bradgate 4.5 mile (37) (Medium)

You are now back at Newton Linford car park

bradgate 4.5 mile (38) (Medium)


Variations on the route

This is a circular route, so you can start and finish where you want.

In wet weather there are 2 particularly damp sections.
The fields after you leave the path in Bradgate Park can flood quite easily.
You can avoid this by running directly on the path from Newton Linford car park to Hallgates car park

The path from the underground reservoir to Hunts Hill car park is very close to the stream bed.
You can avoid this by running outside the wall (see below)

The section from Hallgates car park to Hunts Hill can be particularly exposed to beating sun (honest!) and wind / rain/hail/snow.
There is a route that gives some protection.
There is a public footpath on the outside of the wall, in the shade of trees. This path goes from the edge of Hallgates car park to the loo block at Hunts Hill.
The footpath is picked up by staying on the road past the Hallgates car park then turning left on the clearly signed footpath.

The route down from the monument should be avoided in snow / ice – it’s likely to be full of kids on sledges anyway.
To avoid this, come down through the park on the footpath or bridle path (same as on the Woodhouse Challenge route), this will take this run to approximately 6 miles.


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