cock inn Peatling magna

This is a 6 mile road run based on the route that the John Fraser 10 Road race used to follow.
It’s an undulating route through pleasant countryside with fantastic views.



Stay Healthy. Keep Safe.

There are some 90 degree bends in the roads and the staggered cross roads can be a bit of a pain.

Often cattle graze freely on the fields alongside the gated road.

I mapped and photographed this route on June 11th 2016 and the verges hadn’t been cut for a while. The pictures below show the effect this can have on a drivers’ view of you as runners.

The picture below shows how important it is to wear bright clothing on country roads.

6 mile john fraser (8) (Medium)

The next picture was taken from the middle of the road, to match a driver’s position, but only a few seconds later.

6 mile john fraser (9) (Medium)

Loos / water. None

Rubbish bins. None

bradgate park run profile

To link to the live Maplorer route – click on the map image, above.

From Willoughby Waterleys head to the top of the village, away from Countesthorpe, and turn left on the Peatling Magna Road.

The routes, distances and profiles on this route were started at this junction.

6 mile john fraser (1) (Medium)

6 mile john fraser (2) (Medium)

Take extra care at the end of this road as you are going to cross the odd, staggered cross roads then bear right towards Arnesby and Bruntingthorpe.

6 mile john fraser (4) (Medium)

On this road there are some very tight, narrow bends and many blind spots for drivers.

6 mile john fraser (6) (Medium)

Keep on this road until you see the left turn signposted to Arnesby. Or not signposted to Arnesby as the case may be.
Turn left towards Arnesby.

6 mile john fraser (7) (Medium)

After a mile or so on this road, you’ll see the gated road sign for Peatling Magna. You need to turn left here as the road sweeps right.

6 mile john fraser (10) (Medium)

You’ll pass a Millennium Cycle route sign on your right

6 mile john fraser (11) (Medium)

And a mystery building on your left. Google Maps (image view) show a fascinating display for this place.

6 mile john fraser (12) (Medium)

Caution – this is a gated road. If the gates are closed assume that cattle are grazing in the open fields. Please close gates behind you if you found them closed.

6 mile john fraser (13) (Medium)

Hopefully you’ll not need this, but it’s at the top of the hill just before you turn left, opposite the Cock Inn

6 mile john fraser (14) (Medium)


cock inn Peatling magna

Run down the road until you see the sign back to Willoughby. Turn right here and it’s a repeat of the first mile of the run.

6 mile john fraser (16) (Medium)



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