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This route has all the same warnings as the Woodhouse May Day Challenge Route
You will be running on a narrow twisty road between Bradgate Park (Hallgates Car Park) and Swithland Woods North Car Park.
You will be running on a steep, twisting narrow roads between Donnas Lane and the Swithland Road junction.

This route runs up and over the monument – the route down is very, very steep and has exposed rocks.

woodhouse 11 miler (21)

This run is the majority ofthe Woodhouse May Day Challenge route.
Loos and bin information is the same as there are no facilities on the section of the Challenge route removed from here.


bradgate 5 mile run route
bradgate park run profile
bradgate park run profile

The run
This run is the majority of the Woodhouse May Day Challenge.
On those notes I’ve flagged that the section from Bradgate Park (Hallgates car park) to Woodhouse Eaves via Swithland is across long field trails which can become very awkward during and after wet weather.
This route provides an alternative route and starts / finishes at Newton Linford.

The run

The run starts at the Newton Linford Car Park in Bradgate Park.
Run straight through the park on the footpath, past Bradgate House

woodhouse 11 miler (1)

Until you reach Hallgates car park at the far side of the park. Go left through the car park so the toilet block is on your right.

woodhouse 11 miler (2)

At the end of the car park on the right hand side is a gateway, go through the gate.

woodhouse 11 miler (3)

Then bear right towards the road

woodhouse 11 miler (4)


Turn left on the road, start on the narrow pavement inside the wooden stakes and cross when safe to do so

woodhouse 11 miler (6)

Run up this road to the Swithland Woods North Car Park

woodhouse 11 miler (7)

Go through the car park, keeping parallel to the road you have just left. Beware of cars parking etc. then run  past the honesty box and on to a gravel path


woodhouse 11 miler (9)

Just after the narrow stream and bridge, the path splits, bear left and follow that path

woodhouse 11 miler (10)

Until you reach a gateway. Go through the gateway, turn right and stay on the narrow path for 20 yards.

woodhouse 11 miler (11)

Turn right through the stile and up the narrow track

woodhouse 11 miler (12)

When you reach the wooden gateway, go through and bear left on the gravel track

woodhouse 11 miler (13)

The track becomes a narrow, tarmac road near a caravan park at Donna’s Lane. Lorries do use this roadway, so take care.

woodhouse 11 miler (14)

At the end of the track, go through the wooden gate and turn right.

woodhouse 11 miler (15)

On to a very steep, narrow twisting road. Stay on the grass for this section, these are blind bends with fast traffic.

woodhouse 11 miler (16)

After you run past the entrance to Swithland Car Park (South), stay on the right hand side pavemen and cross when you see the junction ahead of you.

You will be going left at this junction and will be on pavements until the far end of Woodhouse Eaves village.

woodhouse 11 miler (18)

Turn left on Brand Hill (the name is a clue and it isn’t down) and run up towards and through Newton Linford village.

woodhouse 11 miler (19)

When you reach the village hall, the remainder of this run is the same route as the first 6 miles of the Woodhouse May day challenge.

Variations on the route


My diary

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