New Year’s Day can only mean one thing. Resolutions.

My running goal for this year is to achieve a County Gold distinction award for my age group.
For a goal to be ‘out there’ it needs to be SMART.
Specific. Can it be written down using some kind of numbers?
Motivational. Will it get you out of bed on a cold, wet morning?
Aspirational. Don’t be daft, it’s there for you but you’ll need to stretch
Relevant. Does it fit with your life objectives?
Trackable. Can you mark it off as you achieve it?

Checking through this goal.
To achieve this goal I need to manage 9 (nine) of the following times in the calendar year 2017.
A lot of these will require personal best times in the next 12 months.

lran county standards

As a 12 year old I was the skinny, poorly kid with verrucas and a chest infection and anything else I could persuade my mum to write. I hated sport at school, I was terrified by it.
What bigger motivation do you need than standing in front of your running buddies picking up the biggest accolade that you feel you can strive for.

Is this something that could be in my grasp, but only with a chunk of effort?
In 2016 I achieved County Bronze distinction in this category.
That was with 2 bronze times and 8 silver times. Many of the silver times were well under the target times.
The bronze times were for 8 miles and Marathon. (Three and half minutes short in 26 miles. Aaghh)

barcelona marathon 2016

A quick test of “Aspiratiional” happened today. On a wet and windy parkrun (5km) I managed  22:29. Not gold, but well inside silver.

In 2017 this website will become much more important to me.
In December 2016 I took the LiRF course with England Athletics and will soon be one of the run leaders at Huncote Harriers. Hopefully helping people to achieve their goals.
“To earn the respect of the people I respect” . I have massive respect for anyone who takes the approach of “I’ll have a go at this” and “My goal is to …”. If I can help those people while I hit my goals, then that’s a win:win

Events that qualify for these standards usually publish results on line.
In addition, any runner registered with an affiliated club will have their official results published in the British Athletics “Power of 10” website.
To use this site, simply fill in some of your details in the box on the first screen, then on the next screen select ‘profile’ to see your published results.

Here’s part of my information from Power of 10

power of ten results

Yep, the goal hits S.M.A.R.T. Now to start.


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