woodhouse challenge route map


There are many fantastic routes around Leicestershire, here are some of them.

Since 2012 I’ve documented a number of routes locally and further afield. These can be found in the links on this page.




Many local runners are aware of the Leicestershire Round.

I helped The Leicestershire Footpaths Association create a series of 32 circular walks based on “The Round” which you may also find useful.
You may be able to run some of these.


Woodhouse Challenge
hill lingdale golf course
The Woodhouse May Day Challenge has become quickly established as a very popular run which really tests out your half marathon credentials.

This race is a little longer than a half and slightly hillier than most.


Bradgate Park
cropston cross roads
Bradgate Park, just north of Leicester is a magnet for families, walkers, cyclists and the occasional runner.

There are many runs around, through, up and down the park.
This route is a challenging, picturesque, highly enjoyable 4.5 mile slog

Croft Hill
huncote from croft hill
Croft Hill is popular with runners, walkers and families on sledges.

The Ted Toft Hills Race is a 3 miles and a bit race often organised by the Bowline Climbing club.

This route is based on the Ted Toft race and is a very tough 3 mile challenge

Swithland 6
swithland reservoir
The Swithland 6 is a popular race, early each summer.

This is a fairly fast race, always well organised and well supported by the local clubs. Here is a route based on the race with a few tips to help you

(Old) John Fraser Route
cock inn peatling magna
The John Fraser 10 mile race is generally the last summer race of the Leicestershire season and is held in early September.

Recently, the route needed to be changed because of safety concerns.
The old route provides a superb training run, and this is a six mile run based on that route.