LSXC County Champs Photo Info

Information for Images Ratcliffe College February 2018

The pictures have been placed on-line in the FunToRun Gallery.

Before the race, I’d checked the course maps online to make sure there was  a place where any sunshine wouldn’t ruin the pictures.
On the morning I walked the course to find a place where the rain and sleet weren’t directly into my camera.

The field was still quite congested at my location for a few races. To help you, I’ve made 2 galleries.

This gallery has prints and downloads to order. Please note that before you get to an order point in the gallery you can zoom into your runner if you wish.
if you scroll through that gallery there are also pictures taken near the end of the race.

This gallery will allow you to download the images you see, at a reduced cost. These are images from the busiest sections of the events.