Frequently Asked Questions
(Secondary Cross Country League)

What time does my race start?
The first race is 10.30am for year seven girls with all other age groups follow at approximately 10-15 minute intervals (confirmed by individual schools and published on the website in the week leading up to the race).

What are the age groups for each race?
Races are run in age groups: year seven, junior (years 8 and 9), intermediate (years 10 and 11) and senior (years 12 and 13). Intermediates and seniors run in the same race but are separated at the finish line.

Will my race have a hare?
Nearly all races are run without hares. Maps will be provided on the day and published on the website in the days before the race, so athletes are advised to arrive in time to walk the course before the race. Courses are open from 9am for athletes, and although races are marshalled we still advise that athletes familiarise themselves with the course before the race.

Can I wear spikes?
All age groups can wear spikes.

Do I need to register/sign in when I arrive?
Athletes and schools do not need to pre-register for races. As long as schools have paid their affiliation to the LRSAA for the season then all students are eligible to compete. Just make sure you are on the start line in plenty of time for your race. If you need to check if your school is affiliated then please contact Sally Hollingshead.

What do I do at the end of my race?
At the end of each race results slips need to be completed. These will be located in the team managers area which will be located near the finish line, or clearly signed if elsewhere. If teachers are not present then individual athletes should complete results slips themselves. Athletes will need to fill in their name, school and finishing position (placing tickets given to all race finishers). If schools wish to enter teams then all athletes from the same school should use the same results slip. Results slips need to be left in the results box in the team managers area.

How many athletes are needed to count for a team?
Four athletes are needed for a year seven or junior team. Three athletes are needed for an intermediate or senior team. You can claim last place once during the season if you are one runner short at a race.

Do I need to complete all races to secure a league position?
Performances from four of the five league races will count towards final league positons in both the individual and team events. If for any reason we only have four league races, then only three races will count.

What distance is my race?
Race distances vary slightly depending on the venue but will be approximately:
Year 7 girls and boys – 2.5km
Junior girls – 3km
Junior boys – 3.5km
Inter and senior girls – 3.5km
Inter and senior boys – 6km

Do I need to wear a number for my race?
No numbers are required for the races. As intermediate and senior athletes compete in the same race and are separated at the finish line we ask that they wear a letter to identify their age groups and assist with finishing positions. Intermediate athletes need to wear an ‘I’ on their front and senior athletes need to wear an ‘S’ on their front and back. Letters are provided in the team managers area but athletes are asked to provide their own pins.

How do I gain selection for the English Schools team?
In the junior, intermediate, and senior age groups, eight places are available for selection. The top three athletes overall from the league competition will automatically be selected (four from five races to count). In the event of athletes tying for league positions, selection will be at the discretion of the team managers. The top three athletes in the Schools’ County Championships will also be selected on the condition that they have completed a minimum of one league race during the season. The remaining places will be decided upon by performances across the season: in the league, county championships, and inter-county races (if held). Selection will not be solely based on races outside of the schools league/county championships. Athletes who are unable to compete in races, due to injury/illness for example, who believe they may be selected for the English Schools’, must send a written explanation to Sally Hollingshead. Their explanation will then be considered if they are in contention for a place.

How can I see my results after the race?
Results will be available as soon as possible in the days following each race and will be published on the website. Please note that the initial results placed on the website may be draft results and will be marked accordingly.