March 2019 National and Leics Primary School / Yr7 Cross Country Finals

All entry information, images and results for the competitions held on March 23rd 2019 at Prestwold Hall is available on the National championships website 


Race 3 and Presentations December 1st 2018

Photographs and Results

ALL images for Leicestershire and National races are available form THIS IMAGE LIBRARY LINK

Year 3 Girls Team Results  INDIVIDUAL

Year 3 Boys Team Results  INDIVIDUAL

Year 4 Girls Team Results  INDIVIDUAL

Year 4 Boys Team Results  INDIVIDUAL

Year 5 Girls Team Results  INDIVIDUAL

Year 5 Boys Team Results  INDIVIDUAL

Year 6 Girls Team Results  INDIVIDUAL

Year 6 Boys Team Results  INDIVIDUAL

Overall Team Results – Joey Masterson Trophy Table


There have been a few requests from parents and schools for certificates for finishers of the races.
Certificates can be downloaded here


What size images can I order?


The downloads are-
Low-Res 1Mpix – these are suitable for use on computer screens
Hi Res 4MPix – these are suitable for prints up to 8*10

All images from the Leicestershire Primary Races at Prestwold are now on this single link

If you have any queries, please drop me an email

Montages now available

Standard montage sets can be made with 4 images and 2 lines of text of up to 50 characters

Simply select images from the online galleries and make a note of the file names.
Each image is uniquely named, for example 2018r2y3g245.jpg

The filename can be found when you have a gallery picture on display, a letter i will be seen in the lower right corner.
Click on the letter i for the unique filenames.

Please send an email to with the image filenames and text required.

There is a service charge of £10 to prepare a montage set of up to 4 images and 2 lines of text of up to 50 characters.

The montage will be made using the original camera images, professionally edited to provide optimum output.

A low resolution copy with copyright watermark will be produced and emailed back to you

Please check the montage is as required.

If you are not satisfied, then there will be no charge and any working files will be deleted.

On confirmation, we’ll send you a direct invoice for £10.

On receipt of payment we will provide you back by email one standard,  low resolution image with no watermark.

In addition a higher resolution image will be placed in a montage gallery where you will be able to order images and prints based on our prevailing prices and offers.

Additional images, to a maximum total of 12 can be added for £2 each.

“Please can I have a montage with the runner name?”

Montages with the runner name can be created if requested, these will be handled with extra safeguards.
On confirmation and payment a low resolution image will be provided (as above)

If you would like other options for montage images with runner names these will be be charged at current published price plus £1.
Any files will be provided for you in unique on-line space which will be deleted after you confirm downloads.

Results and Images Race 2 2018

Leics Primary Cross Country – Prestwold November 2nd  2018

Link to results folder for race 2

Year 3 Girls Results

Year 3 Boys Results

Year 4 Girls Results

Year 4 Boys Results

Year 5 Girls Results

Year 5 Boys Results

Year 6 Girls Results

Year 6 Boys Results

Results and Images Race 1 2018

Leics Primary Cross Country – Prestwold September 29th 2018

Images are now in the gallery collection, which is available on this link

Year 3 Girls  Results

Year 3 Boys  Results

Year 4 Girls  Results

Year 4 Boys  Results

Year 5 Girls  Results

Year 5 Boys  Results

Year 6 Girls  Results

Year 6 Boys  Results

March 2018 National and Leics Primary School / Yr7 Cross Country Finals

Start here – this list of finishers PDF contains all the images we were able to index, in bib order.

If you can’t find your runner there, then these links will take you directly to all the galleries based on year group

Year 3 girls
Year 3 boys
Year 4 girls
Year 4 boys
Year 5 girls
Year 5 boys
Year 6 girls
Year 6 boys
Year 7 girls
Year 7 boys

NEW – massed runners!
Sometimes, try as we might, it’s impossible to separate groups of runners, even when taking at totally different angles.
(Year 5 races in particular!)
Rather than deleting these pictures they are available in this additional gallery.