Sometimes, a customer can tell the world much more about a business than a business ever can.

“Within a few days of meeting Mike I had stunning quality images at print and web optimised resolution, exactly what I needed for a very important exhibition.
Here’s how it happened
We were in a business meeting and Mike showed a few photographs that he’d been working with.
I immediately saw that his flair and attention to detail were exactly what my company needed. We had a major exhibition planned and our photographs did not do justice to the work which we had carried out. I needed pictures like THIS..

lighting rig extreme photography

The problem was that we had very, very tight time schedules. We introduced Mike to a few customer sites and within a few days he’d used his initiative and created the pictures we craved, pictures that really showed off our customer installations.

Better than that he liaised directly with our printers and made sure that extremely high quality images were available to them AND he provided us copies of the same images, optimised to load very quickly in presentations and for our web site.
Using just one of the images Mike produced I can happily say that our first exhibition was a huge success.”
Dave Eeles
Technical Manager
LED LightVision, Leicester



photograph echo factory ICT suite

Leicester Riders Photography

The panorama photograph, below, is a (very, very low resolution) copy of a panorama inside the Leicester Riders Basketball Stadium. It is based on a large scale print which Dave specified.

The lighting in the stadium is of a stunning quality, suitable for international fixtures. What does that mean for the quality of images and play?

This ‘net’ photograph was taken ‘hand held’ with a short lens. Further examples of our work in the stadium can be found in the corporate league gallery.

leicester corporate basketball

riders stadium panorama photograph