Manager FAQ

PLEASE NOTE – these instructions apply to team managers / representatives for schools, they ALSO apply to parents and cares for independent entries

Running your school team

The information on this page will help you to help your pupils and families before, during and after the races.

Before the races

Please make sure that your school has affiliated.

Please print out the results pages to bring with you.

Please make sure that your parents and families are aware of the FAQ and rules pages.

Please ensure that parents and helpers are aware of the starting area procedure

On the day

Bring your results pages with you

Please report to the registration desk, we need to know which schools have attended and who the school reps are.
We also need to know full details for independent entries.

Check if you need an updated “on the day” information / instruction sheet

As the runners cross the finishing line / pen area they will be given a finishing number.
Please collect these and complete your results sheets.

At the end of the races please hand the results sheets in to the registration desk.

Please ask parents and families to take rubbish away with them.

After the races

We try to publish draft results within a few days of the races.
Please note that all the helpers etc. are volunteers and producing the results can be a massive job!

Please check the results and use the ‘contact’ page to pass information to the organisers.
Based on feedback we’ll try to get the race results finalised within 5 days.


To register your school for the current league season, please download and complete the affiliation form

If you have any questions please contact the affiliations secretary.

Please send your completed form and payment back to register your school for next season.