Primary League FAQ

If you have any questions which are not answered below, please contact us.

What is the address of the event?
Follow signs for Prestwold Driving Centre LE12 5SH.

What time do the races start?

Race Timetables will be published prior to each event.
Sometimes, due to numbers entered and other restrictions, some races may be merged or seperated!

Race 1 Inter/Senior Girls 9.25
Race 2 Inter/Senior Boys 9.30
Race 3 Junior Boys 9.40
Race 4 Junior Girls 9.45
Race 5 Year 3 Girls 10.00
Race 6 Year 3 Boys 10.15
Race 7 Year 4 Girls 10.30
Race 8 Year 4 Boys 10.45
Race 9 Year 7 Girls 11.00

Race 10 Year 7 Boys 11.15
Race 11 Year 5 Girls 11.30
Race 12 Year 5 Boys 11.45
Race 13 Year 6 Girls 12.00
Race 14 Year 6 Boys 12.15

When should we arrive?
We recommend arriving at the venue 90 minutes before your race. This allows time to park, register and warm up. The car park will be open from 8.30am.

Can studs/spikes be worn?
Spikes are permitted only in years 5 and 6 and secondary school races.
Football boots may be worn for all age groups, but only those with moulded studs.

Why is there a parking charge?
The league has no sponsorship, so it means that we have to rely on the income from parking fees. Neither the Running and Athletics Network or the Primary schools league receives any outside funding.

Our events cost well in excess of £2500 each to stage with everyone involved giving their time freely.

Can my child run, even if their school does not enter a team?
Children from unaffiliated schools are allowed to run regardless. The cost is £3 per child per race.

Parents / carers of those wanting to run should report at the registration tent upon arrival as normal.
Please let us know that they want to run their child as an independent and the registration team will take details.
After the race, return the finish position ticket to the desk so that they can be recorded in the results.

Before coming to the races we ask that parents/cares of unaffiliated runners please read the relevant information on the ‘Manager FAQ‘ page.

IMPORTANT NOTE – recently, major new Data Protection Regulations came into force (GDPR). These regulations clearly stipulate the conditions under which organisations like the league collect and use your information.
The information will only be used for the purposes of collating and publishing results and will not be provided to external organisations.
Further information is available in the FAQ page and the Privacy Statements for this website.

How will I know where to run?

Current course maps will be made available.
A hare will lead the primary races, so don’t worry about getting lost!
Please note that the course may be subject to change, so please check back here.

How long are the races?

The race distances are as follows:

Year 3 – 1100m

Year 4 – 1350m

Year 5 – 1800m

Year 6 – 2150m

Distances are estimates and may vary slightly due to changes in circumstances

What should we do if my child uses an inhaler?

They should keep their inhaler with them at all times before, during and after your race.

What happens in case of injuries?

Medical Support will be on site to provide First Aid. If you child is injured, or you notice that someone else is injured, please tell a marshal.

What happens at the end of the race? (Subject to Covid Regulations)
At the end of each race, runners will be given a number ticket.
If your child is running with their school. please give this to your school representative.
If your child ir sunning independently, please take the ticket to the registration desk

It’s really important that these tickets don’t get lost, because we’ll need them in order to be able to record the results.

Make sure you have something warm to put on your child when they finish the race – even if they feel warm at the finish, they’ll get cold very quickly.

What do I do about Lost Property?
Lost Property should be handed into the results area.

Do you need any help on the day?
Yes please! We have a team of volunteers but are always glad of any extra help. If you would like to volunteer, please fill in this form.

Help with collecting up stakes, fencing etc. and clearing the venue of litter at the end of meeting is MUCH APPRECIATED – MANY THANKS.

Extra Information for Secondary School Athletes

Where can I find out about dates and venues for the secondary school XC league?

Look on the new secondary schools website which will give all the venues and dates that you will need, plus you will be able to see the results as soon as they are available.

How can I let my new school know that I want to run cross country?

The best way is to contact the PE teacher at your new school as soon as you are able. However we can let your school know as well – just complete the simple form on the website.

What if my school is not affiliated to the secondary schools league and doesn’t normally send a team?

You can still run! We are all committed to getting as many young people as possible to take part in running and athletics events as possible. The Athletics Network has agreed with the secondary schools league that athletes from non-affiliated schools  can run as a composite  Athletics Network team. You will not be eligible for team prizes as the Network is not a school! You will of course still be able to win individual prizes.

I need more help – who can I ask?

Please see the contacts page.