Helping you to run smarter.

We’ll analyse your methods and goals and help you to improve.

Which of these is you?

I'm tired too soon

Do you find you’re out of breath at the first lamp post or the first mile?

Maybe an accompanied run will help you to sort your pacing or help you understand how to build more steadily towards your targets?

I'm tired when I start

While other sportsfolk take a scheduled rest, runners get the off-road shoes out.
Perhaps you need help putting together a programme for you. Don’t rely on the one your mate gave you from a magazine

I'm stuck

You’ve reached a plateau and can’t break through the next goal.
Almost every runner can improve. Detailed analysis and measurements will help us to develop your programme

I'm running too hard

Does running =  injuries + fatigue?
Perhaps it’s time to really enjoy rest days. Time for a proper plan.

I'm all out of ideas

I know I can do better, but I just don’t know how!
My runs are getting the miles in but I’m not progressing.
Maybe one of our packages can help

I run alone..

Is running alone just so lonely that you don’t bother?
Accompanied and small group runs could help you get moving again

I'm injured. Again.

Does running = minor injuries + exhaustion?
Perhaps it’s time to really enjoy rest days. Time for a proper running plan.

It's not fun to run
My mojo has gone