Five Bits of Kit

Running alone or running in groups, there are a few things you should make sure you have available


A fully charged phone and possibly something to carry it in. The new breed of slab phones are a challenge!
Make sure that, as a minimum, you have completed the ICE (In Case of Emergency) information on your own phone. Here’s how to set up ICE on an iPhone


Your car or house key and possibly something to carry it in. Don’t rely on people stating in and waiting for you at home. Plus, the cafe across the road is ALWAYS more inviting than waiting for you in the car.


Sunglasses, even in moderate light. Go try different pairs on in a shop. (Shops are the things we used to use before the internet). These need to be comfortable as you may be wearing them for several hours.


Water. Even on a cold rainy day you’ll need something to drink on a long run. Either carry some water, drop some en route (and collect it when you’ve finished) or know where there are sources of drinking water on your route.T


A watch. It made it into the list. Like sunglasses, get a watch that is comfortable and preferably easy to read. It’s also very convenient if it has enough battery power to last for your longest run.


It’s often handy to take some money on very long training runs. When you hit 20 miles plus and you really crave for an ice lolly / fudge / biscuit it’s surprising how much of a lift it gives you!
Sun Hat
On hot, sunny days a peaked running cap with Sun Protection Factor 30 may be worth its weight in gold.