Couch to 5k – what next?


Thursdays 7pm-8pm
Small group running session
Limited numbers
Meet inside Lutterworth Leisure Centre at 6:50pm

Take advantage of wonderful country trails and sweeping pavements – was Lutterworth designed for running groups?

lutterworth running

“Having just moved to the local area and a keen runner I thought it would be great to attend a local running group that was being hosted by Mike and his wife.

Feeling quite nervous about attending the first session, mainly because I hadn’t exercised in weeks and thought my fitness levels were at an all time low!! But also because I rarely participate in group exercise and can get quite nervous in new situations. However all nerves aside, I definitely didn’t need to worry as both Mike and Jude were very welcoming and I felt very comfortable running within their company.

The session overall lasted about an hour, which included both a warm up/warm down and a great length run. The duration of the run was a steady pace and Mike was constantly checking in to make sure I was OK.

I am really glad I attended, it was  a great session. I gained a lot from it and has given me the push I needed to return to running and setting goals for longer distances.”

Please note – all runners to be 18 years old and above for these groups
These sessions are best suited for intermediate and ‘returning’ runners
Cost £3 per session

Please complete the  runner information form on this page

That will then automatically send me your details
I’ll then get back in touch with you and confirm

I know a lot of people like to run with their dogs but we’ll be running on pavements near roads, so please can you not bring dogs?

Please also read the Health Statement, Privacy Statement and the Risk Assessment procedures for the group