Running Smart

Many running coaches will guide you on what to run. We’ll also help you learn HOW to run.
Correct running form can help you avoid injury and train more effectively.
By using high speed video, professional software and a passion for helping people we’ll reveal your real style.
We’ll then show you how to run, improving your form, speed and efficiency.

running style analysis

See what Gemma Steel, pictured here, found out with time lapse and video analysis.

We offer running plans and training schedules to suit all abilities.
Video and filming sessions, running technique workshops and one to one escorted sessions are all available.
We’ll produce plans that suit your goals and are based on your experience and commitment.


Find out what runners, of all levels, have to say about our work.


Local running clubs work towards ten standard times, these can be used effectively to help you build running and training targets


Runners seem to fall foul of nine problems, here are a few ways we can help runners get around them


An easy to take on board set of tips and ideas for new and experienced runners


Struggled here! So it’s 4 products plus 3 packages of services for runners


6 routes in Leicestershire for runners of all abilities. Fully documented with profiles and things to watch out for.


5 things you need on every run.


4 different ways to get in touch with us


The best 3 running books ever produced? Maybe.


The elusive two hour half marathon and our plans to specifically help you achieve it


Our Click and Correct running programme – what’s behind it and our philosophy when we work with you