The ‘Click and Correct’ Programme

Each programme will be tailor made to suit your exact needs.

Your programme will follow along these lines.

On-Line Portal

Each programme member will receive their own on-line portal where we can securely share video analyses, training programmes and data collected during training sessions.

Each portal is unique for each athlete, so at the end of any subscription period you will easily be able to download your own materials and your portal will be removed.

Escorted Runs and Hill Training

Many of our programmes can be provided remotely, via the internet and conversations.

For many runners, the opportunity to run with a coach in a one to one or with a small group of friends is invaluable.
In South Leicestershire we have some fantastic, gently rolling, country roads that are fairly traffic free.
Alongside those, we have many miles of easy public footpaths through very pretty countryside.
To really develop your running strength and stamina, hill training is recommended…

As a Fell and Mountain Run Leader I can help you to get the best from hill training, mainly in Bradgate Park and Beacon Hill areas. A few sessions in those areas will help you see why they are so popular with local runners.

bradgate park leicestershire