conwy half marathon 2017

At the start of the Conwy Half Marathon in 2016, my wife Jude was spectating. She was adamant that she was running ‘no more half marathons’.

This picture was taken at the end of the Conwy Half Marathon in 2017.  Jude had just enjoyed one of the most picturesque races in the annual calendar.

I’m an enthusiastic runner and love to help people of all abilities improve. As the ‘little weed’ in the corner all the way through school, I really did feel 10 feet tall when my England Athletics Endurance Coach card arrived in early 2018.

Since the coaching card arrived, I’ve added my extensive experience of IT and photography to develop ‘Click and Correct’, a trademarked programme to quickly and effectively record, then scientifically analyse, your running form. With this information we can help you achieve your goals.

Athletes who we’ve helped have ranged from “I can run 500m” to one of the fastest British lady runners of all time. If you’re reading this, then there is a fair chance that you fit somewhere in that range.

Picture courtesy of Chrissy who will be running the Conwy Half in November 2018 as her first half marathon.

Since taking this picture, Chrissy did indeed run the Conwy Half Marathon.
In 2019, I helped train Jude for the toughest run she’s ever done, the Snowdonia Marathon!