About FuntoRun IT Ltd

FuntoRun IT has been created to allow local schools to benefit from my decades of experience with IT in general and school IT in particular.

As a joiner of dots, I’ll often bring my experience to challenging situations and then use ordinary words to help busy school staff. Tips and ideas in this website, for instance, could save schools hundreds of hours each year.

I’m a long standing partner of Leicestershire Primary Cross Country, the largest league in the country, and have been supporting the national finals from day one.

FuntoRun Limited (Company No. 10404963) and FuntoRun IT Limited (Company No. 10621373) are both registered in England and Wales.
3 Trent Close
Broughton Astley

“I’ve never been a teacher, but I was wondering if..”
I have often heard Mike McSharry of FuntoRun IT start a presentation with this phrase. I’ve taught myself to sit up and take note of what’s about to come next.

Bill Lord

Headteacher, Long Sutton Primary School