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1500m Women Now available
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200m u15B U17B M Now available
200m u15G U17W W Now available
800m U15 M Now available
800m U15g and women Now available
100m U15 W Now available
100m U15 M Now available
All Hurdles Now available
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Triple JumpNow available
High Jump Now available
Long Jump Now available
Discus Now available
javelin Now available
Shot Put Now available

Presentations Now available


SPECIAL NOTE for triple jump and javelin. We’ve taken a few of the ‘complete sequence’ for javelin and triple jump competitors. Those sequences have been left in the galleries as a quick example of the analysis photography we can provide.
FREE – if you order one of the images prints from a sequence please drop an email and we’ll provide you the rest of the images for that sequence as a free download.


saffron lane stadium leicester

Saffron Lane 12th May

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This event includes adults and children from under 11.

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