Images from Leicestershire Road Race League 2018

John Fraser 10 2018

All images, separated by clubs are available on the 2018 John Fraser Gallery


Joy Cann 5 August 2018

All images, separated by clubs are available on the 2018 Joy Cann Gallery

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Photo Galleries for Race Events

The links below will take you directly to galleries of images from Leicestershire League Races, based on your club. Please note that all pictures were taken vertically (portrait) and the initial display on some screens may show square images – it’s okay, the heads do exist!

We don’t always get everyone and a some runners do ask for their photos to not be shown. If you’d like your images to be removed, please drop me an email to, please don’t send me a screen copy of the image, I’ll send you some easy information.

If you can’t find your picture in the club galleries, or you weren’t running for a club – try this link for Prestwold 10k – this will take you to the full gallery.


Can one image improve my running form?

“I never knew I ran like that!”
Can this picture help me improving my running form? Probably not on its own.

These are just snapshots in time, to really understand your running form, how to improve efficiency and hopefully avoid injury, have a look at the image and video analysis we offer.