Running Smart

We offer running plans and training schedules to suit all abilities.
Running groups, running technique workshops and one to one escorted sessions are all available.
We’ll produce plans that suit your goals and are based on your experience and commitment.

Many running coaches will guide you on what to run.

Correct running form can help you avoid injury and train better.
By using high speed video, professional software and stop frame filming we’ll reveal your real style. We’ll then show you HOW to run, improving your style, speed and efficiency.


Find out what runners, of all levels, have to say about our work.

The elusive two hour half marathon, here’s  how we can help you.

NINE mistakes runners make

Which one would you like to fix?

Combining photographic experience with a passion for helping people we provide recording and analysis services for runners of all abilities. See what Gemma Steel, pictured above, found out with time lapse and video analysis.

Lutterworth Running Group

Wide, empty pavements and some wonderful trails.

We proudly sponsor
the following Cross Country
Leicestershire Primary
Leicestershire Secondary
National Primary


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“..Within a few days .. I had stunning quality images ..exactly what I needed for a very important exhibition.”

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